Reviews & Testimonials

Therapeutic Music Testimonials
What patients and caregivers have written to Sabrina
    • “When you played for my father it was amazing. It made a huge difference. My family still talks about it.”
    • “I could listen to your music for hours because I truly believe it brings me the rest and joy that God desires in all of us…Just hearing your music today brought a much desired rest over my soul that was truly divine.”
    • “Your music was a quiet comfort and a blessing.”
    • “You provided Mother with her last moments of conscious peace and for that we will be forever indebted to you.”
    • “Thank you so much. You took me home. I could almost see the castles!” – Cardiac patient from UK
    • “When a patient passed away while the harp was playing, family stated that they were on holy ground. It still brings tears to my eyes.”
    • “You played for my aunt at the hospital and she talked about the helping her get through the days.”
    • “The music eases my pain better than pain meds!”
    • “Your work puts my body in a more relaxed state and my spirit becomes more kindly.”
Wedding Reviews
    • “Sabrina was very gracious and easy to work with, and has a really lovely repertoire of harp music to choose from. She played lots of samples for us in our planning meeting because we weren’t sure exactly what we wanted. In the end, we had music that beautifully fit our ceremony and created a magical atmosphere in the venue as guests were arriving. She communicated with us ahead of time about sound system needs, and made sure we touched based about timing so that everything would line up perfectly for the ceremony. I highly recommend working with Sabrina for your wedding needs!”
    • “We contacted Sabrina after we had to change our wedding plans due to COVID. We scaled down our wedding and opted for an intimate outdoor ceremony in the woods with around 20 people and wanted the touch of live music during the ceremony. Sabrina was so nice to work with! She is extremely skilled and professional. She was able to play all the songs we wanted, one of which came from a YouTube video, and each song was so beautifully played. Since the wedding was so small, we didn’t have a rehearsal and Sabrina was able to adjust the timing of the songs seamlessly throughout the ceremony. Sabrina is also flexible and great at communicating. We were able to talk through FaceTime, email, and text. Sabrina added a unique and intimate touch to our wedding and we would highly recommend her!”
    • “Sabrina Falls was absolutely wonderful in helping us plan the music for our wedding. We always felt we were in good hands! She had many great suggestions for the flow of the music, and was able to modify selections to suit our own personal preferences and style. Her musical performance was flawless – a truly beautiful and memorable part of the ceremony. We are so grateful for her expert advice and talent in helping make our wedding day special. Thank you Sabrina!”
    • “Sabrina is very thorough, organized, and reliable. She took time with us to ensure we were 100% happy with the music selections and thought of each detail to make the processional flow smoothly right down to timing out a head of time how long it took to walk down the aisle and noting how many people were in the bridal party.”
    • “Sabrina was a real pleasure to work with. She accommodated all our needs and her performance exceeded all our expectations. We really appreciated the special attention and assistance she gave to help select music to personalize our special day.”
    • “Sabrina was open to song suggestions and had a large repertoire of appropriate music. She had a very gentle, accommodating manner & was very easy to work with–completely stress-free.”
    • “Sabrina Falls is a wonderful harpist and we had the pleasure of using her talents for our wedding. I would highly recommend her abilities for any event!”
    • “The harp music provided a wonderful backdrop to our outdoor wedding. We were able to meet with her beforehand to hear and pick selections. She was very flexible in working it out to travel to a remote site and was able to accommodate last minute time change due to weather.”
    • “Sabrina provided the prelude for our wedding. Her beautiful and elegant expressions through her harp set the perfect mood and tone for our wedding.”
    • “Sabrina was very helpful and patient with me when I was selecting music for my Celtic ceremony that I was not familiar with at all. She arrived promptly at the venue and played just beautifully. Sabrina was professional and pleasant and I received many compliments on the lovely harp music. I would definitely recommend her services.”
    • “Sabrina provided beautiful harp music for our wedding ceremony. She accommodated our requests for specific song choices and offered to play the selections at her home prior to the event. She was responsive via phone or email and confirmed all song selections prior to the wedding. She attended the rehearsal to coordinate the processional music, but there was an additional fee attached. Overall, we were very happy with Sabrina and her music. I would highly recommend her for weddings or other events!”
    • “Contacted Harpist less than 2 wks before wedding and she was very pleasant, flexible, and responsive. Very talented. Strong repertoire. Not outrageously priced either. Greatly appreciate her service and accommodation.”